Sheebah,Cindy tear themselves apart in the pre battle debate

September 14, 2023
Cindy and Sheebah

Cindy and Sheebah

Singers Cindy and Sheebah are about to make history as the first Ugandan musicians to hold a music battle.

The battle is set to take place on 15th September at Kololo airstrip grounds as they will share the same stage for the first time.

As a way of pushing for the battle for fans to show up, there must be something to push it so that people get motivated.

For this battle, they have used a debate where Sheebah and Cindy showed up to ask themselves questions and to also answer questions from the public.

As a battle, there was so much tension between the musicians and they used their words to insult and annoy each other.

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Cindy was using gee husband who came to stage to whisper something into her ears while Sheebah was on the other side watching the space.

They also talked about how one is talented and the other struggling with the music despite making some money.

“Cindy Sanyu: “What makes you unique is the fact that you have accomplished so much without talent” – Cindy to Sheebah
Sheebah: “So you believe I have talent?”
Cindy Sanyu: “No! I just said you don’t.”