Cindy Sanyu’s husband on why he hugged her during the pre-battle debate

September 15, 2023

Singer Cindy Sanyu’s husband Prynce Okuyo is unborthered by Sheebah’s fans. He has promised to keep showing up for his wife like he always does.

This happened after he showed up while in the pre-battle debate on Wednesday and hugged her leaving Sheebah frozen.

Sheebah and Cindy have been having their beefs and they turned that into a battle so that they can earn from it.

But the two musicians have been throwing words at each other. Cindy has been saying Sheebah is not talented and Sheebah has been asking her what she has earned from her talent.

The karma Queen Sheebah told Cindy that the only thing she has earned from her talent is getting a husband and nothing else from that.

As the pre-battle debate got heated, Cindy Sanyu’s husband walked on to the stage and gave her a very big hug something that left Sheebah and her fans annoyed.

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According to Prynce, it is not new that he has been showing up for his wife. He said he is very protective of her and she is personally very smart.

He said he doesn’t care about what Sheebah and her fans are saying after all she didn’t do any mistake to walk on stage and hug the love of his life.

“I have always showed up for my wife Cindy and I will not stop any time soon. I don’t care about what the haters are saying atleast I know I didn’t do any mistake. Cindy is my wife and I will do everything for her,” Prynce said