Spice Diana Cries On Stage As Fans Go Team Coco Finger On Her | VIDEO

July 12, 2023
Spice Diana

Spice Diana

Spice Diana real name Hajara Namukwaya cried on stage after unruly revelers took matters into their hands and went team coco finger on her.

Spice Diana who was known for engaging fans on stage, had to change tactics after a fan almost ate her food during a show at Bugembe Stadium in Jinja in February 2022. Bouncers rushed to her rescue.

After sometime, Spice Diana seemed to have forgotten what happened to her and fought with a bouncer as she asked fans to remove barricades and come near the stage.

This time around she learned a lesson why barricades are so important. As she performed in skimpy Orange-red outfit in Rukungiri, Spice found a hard time to entertain her fans who were so close to stage.

Spice Diana performing in Rukungiri

As she walked on stage while performing, unruly revelers started disorganizing her with their hands. She tried moving places in order to avoid them in vain. This forced her to stop performance and pleaded with revelers to behave.

Spice Diana is not the first artist to suffer at the hands of unruly revelers. Winnie Nwagi has been at loggerheads with the fans for disorganizing her performances.

In June, Nwagi unleashed slaps on a reveler, paused performance and warned other revelers to show respect.

In February 2022, the Matala hitmaker slapped a reveler at Nexus Lounge for touching her nani.

In October 2018, Winnie Nwagi grabbed a fan’s phone and smashed it while performing in London. The fan was recording Nwagi’s south hemisphere.

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