Chozen Blood looks out for best friend Winnie Nwagi in trending saga

July 12, 2023
Nwagi, Chozen Blood

Chozen Blood and Nwagi sharing a light moment

Singer Chozen Blood has looked out for his best friend Swangz Avenue artiste Winnie Nwagi in the trending saga.

Winnie Nwagi has been the talk of the town after he slapped fans who were trying to stretch their hands on her private body parts.

The singer wasn’t happy about it and at some point she even stormed off the stage because fans were continuing to be disrespectful.

Some people have nailed Winnie Nwagi for her actions saying it wasn’t the right thing for her to do.

Although she came out and defended herself, some entertainment stake holders like promoter Nobert Events still couldn’t understand her side.

Like any other best friend, Chozen Blood also tweeted about Winnie Nwagi in her defense.

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He said fans should understand that these female musicians are not sex objects.

According to Chozen Blood, Winnie Nwagi was doing her job like any other people and she deserves to be respected at her work place.

It is not only Winnie Nwagi who complained about being touched, Spice Diana was also not having it with fans that wanted to bad touch her.

She paused one of her perfomances and strongly warned those that were trying to touch her

“Artists are not sex objects. Dear fans respect our work space 🙏 #saynotosexualharrasment @FirebbyUg @SpiceDianaUg @ntvuganda @nbstv @GalaxyFMUg @Ugandapolice1,” Chozen Blood