FifiDa Queen Reveals Major Reason Why Kaiyz Fled To The US

July 12, 2023


At the beginning of this month, NBS TV Gossipmonger, Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz left Uganda incognito and fled to the US.

Kaiyz joined NBS TV over 4 years back and established himself as the top entertainment presenter thanks to his tireless efforts and his controversial ways of asking questions.

Jenkins Mukasa first broke the news that Kaiyz had left. After reaching the US, Kaiyz shared a video with his new bae, confirming that he was in the promised land.

Kaiyz with bae in the US

Since then, there has been speculation as to why Kaiyz who had a good job, threw in a towel and left.

Jenkins Mukasa said Kaiyz told him that he felt he wasn’t appreciated enough. When he asked for an increment, they told him he can look else where if he felt he wasn’t satisfied with what he was earning.

Other analysts revealed that Kaiyz was the one taking care of his siblings since his mother died. And he had to look for better offers to take care of them.


In an interview with Farouk Sarkozy, FifiDa Queen disclosed that she talked to Kaiyz on several occasions before he left the country.

Kaiyz had a lot of court cases resulting from the stories he was presenting. One person gave NBS TV condition that if they wanted to solve the case outside court, they should first sack Kaiyz.

Fifi Daqueen

Fifi told Farouk that Kaiyz had no option but to leave the country, otherwise, he would have either lost the job or ended in jail.