Audio: Winnie Nwagi Cries For Chozen Blood’s Love And Time

February 14, 2024

There is an audio that has been released on social media of Swangz Avenue artiste Winnie Nwagi crying for fellow singer Chozen Blood’s Love and time.

Winnie Nwagi said she wasn’t happy that Chozen Blood was ignoring her and her calls saying he is going through hard times.

Chozen Blood and Winnie Nwagi are said to be best friends but there is a rumour that subjects them to being in a relationship.

They started getting closer to each other when they did a song together. They were hanging out with each other everyday and posting their photos on social media.

Chozen Blood and Winnie Nwagi fell out last year saying they had some issues but they were going to work harder to make things right.

No one knew what exactly was going on with the couple not until today when an audio was released on social media.

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Winnie Nwagi was very unhappy saying she doesn’t understand why someone would ignore her without giving any explanation.

She said she will be revenging ignoring Chozen Blood the way he has been ignoring her for some time.