Chozen Blood Speaks About What Separated Him With Winnie Nwagi

June 27, 2024

Singer Chozen Blood has spoken about his friendship with Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi and what led to their separation.

He said they have never dated but they considered themselves as best friends and like any other friends they have had their ups and downs.

According to Chozen Blood, Winnie Nwagi is one of the best musicians and good friends in the music industry. He said that his ex girlfriend is the one that brought problem between them as friends.

He said that the ex was very insecure about their friendship and she used to keep their messages and voice notes that they spoke with each other.

When they broke up, Chozen Blood’s ex girlfriend decided to release one of the voice notes that Winnie Nwagi had sent him asking for time and wondering why hr has been ignoring her.

Audio: Winnie Nwagi Cries For Chozen Blood’s Love And Time

The singer said that it is one of the problems that led their friendship astray. They are still working hard to regain each others trust and work on their friendship again.

“I am not in good terms with Winnie Nwagi – Chozen Blood Opens up on how a leaked voice note cracked his relationship with Winnie Nwagi.