Spice Diana Jumps Off Stage, Fights Bouncer In Ugly Scenes | VIDEO

October 10, 2022
Spice Diana

Spice Diana

Spice Diana real name, Hajara Namukwaya yesterday jumped off stage and started fighting a bouncer at ‘Ekikuduko Kya Busoga’ at Bugembe Stadium leaving revelers asking what she is smoking of late.

In August, Spice paused performance and started quarreling on stage during Masaka Street Jam demanding event organiser, Mutima Robert clears her balance. That was understandable because she doesn’t work for free.

Yesterday, she stepped on ‘Ekikuduko Kya Busoga’ stage and started ranting why the organisers had put barricades to stop revelers coming near stage. She started inciting revelers reminding them they paid their money to have fun before calling them to come closer.

Spice Diana

This prompted a bouncer to remind her that they put a barricade for security reason. Bouncer’s words did not go well with Spice Diana who asked him ‘Oyagala kumanyila’ before jumping off stage and started confronting the innocent guy amid cheers from the revelers.

The situation turned rowdy which prompted other stage managers to get involved. Spice was saved and brought back on stage.

Some artists like creating scenes but we advise them to respect event organiser’s plans. Some have complained for lack of security in cases where revelers jump onto stage.

In February, Spice Diana cried for help after a reveler she had invited on stage pinned her down and almost tasted her boneless meat as she performed at a show in Bugembe.

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