BALLOONED! Precious Remmie, Raymond Bindeeba Expecting First Child

June 29, 2022
Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba

Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba

Spark TV presenter, Remmie Nakitto aka Precious Remmie and fiance, Raymond Bindeeba are reportedly expecting first child.

Remmie and Bindeeba who have kids from their past relationships, are going strong despite criticism from netizens.

According to sources, the pair met in Turkey during MC Richie’s Summer Festival and kicked off relationship.

Weeks later, Raymond proposed to Precious Remmie on October 12, 2021 and visited her parents in ‘Kukyala’ ceremony that took place on October 16, 2021.

Critics prophesied that their relationship would end in tears. Don Zella also came out and warned Remmie that Bindeeba is a serial-eater previously engaged to two babes.

Don Zella also claimed that Bindeeba wanted to touch in her source.

All this went on deaf ears and last Friday, Remmie introduced Bindeeba to her relatives in a colourful ceremony that took place in Kawanda, Kanyogoga – Wakiso district.

Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba

After the introduction, the pair went on a holiday but our observers say she must be baking a hot seed in her womb.

From the pictures taken from the beach, Remmie’s tummy looks bigger.

Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba

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