Judith Heard Vows To Drag Bad Black To Court Over Mr. Flavour Talk

June 29, 2022
Judith Heard and Bad Black

Judith Heard and Bad Black

Renowned model, Judith Heard has threatened to drag fellow socialite, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black to court for claiming that she cornered Nigerian singer, Mr. Flavour.

When Mr. Flavour came to perform in Uganda in 2011, Bad Black invited him to her 22nd birthday at defunct Club Rouge.

Bad Black is alleged to have paid $700 for Mr. Flavour’s services and she was all over him in Club Rouge.

Bad Black seated on Mr. Flavour’s laps

Word made rounds that she corned him but during an interview with Ibrah K Mukasa, she revealed that nothing happened. Bad Black said during that night she was targeting him with two other slayers; Judith and Sylvia Owori.

I didn’t do anything with him. The man was being watched by three people; me, Sylvia Owori, and Judith Heard but it’s my name that caught the headlines. Flavour is not among my exes. I don’t want to lie about that. I didn’t anything with him because Kim Swagga gave me weed that night, I got high and started insulting the Nigerian. So he left and went to Casablanca where Judith Heard met him

Bad Black

Bad Black made claims that Judith is likely to have cornered him.

“I think Nalongo Judith Heard left with him. She must have had a thing with him. Nalongo doesn’t fail,” Bad Black stressed.

After watching the video, Judith Heard dismissed the allegations and asked Bad Black to stop tarnishing her name.

Judith Heard

She warned the Masolo Queen to make sure she has evidence or she risks rotting in jail.

Wabula munsize evu. Nze Judith Heard? This is the first time am gonna do this. Over my children’s life I have never had anything to do with the name mentioned in this video.

Please enough of trashing my name I beg of everyone please please please. These stories I have let pass in the past and I don’t want to go deep into everything.

Let’s not say anything without evidence cause I am working so hard to live a different life today and I would be very happy if no one brings my name up again in anything they don’t have proof of.

Am about to sue for defamation of character here.

Judith Heard

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