HE WANTED TO EAT ME: Don Zella Warns Precious Remmie Not To Marry New Fiance, Raymond

October 14, 2021
Don Zella, Precious Remmie and Raymond

Don Zella, Precious Remmie and Raymond

On Sunday, Spark TV presenter, Remma Nakitto aka Precious Remmie got engaged to mystery guy identified as Raymond.

Raymond came as a surprise to many who knew guys that were close to Remmie. As netizens are still digging info about him, US-based Ugandan socialite, Nalongo Sheila Don Zella came out and warned Precious Remmie not to marry Raymond.

Precious Remmie and Raymond

Don Zella says Raymond stays in the US, hungry for fame and he is broke. She added that she met him at her show she she had organised in the US and asked him if he had a girlfriend. Raymond told Don Zella that he was single. After the show, they drove to his house and he almost ate her into pieces.

Don Zella claims that the only thing Raymond can do for Remmie is to help her secure papers to the US.

Bambi Remmie don’t marry that ka guy nkalinako bwino kagenda kutomeza. Just ask him, “do you know Don Zella?” You will see how his eyes turn to red. I was with this ka man on my show on July 16th nga kabebera kalinga embuzi. I asked him do you have a girlfriend mbu nooo era nekegana the whole night. When the night ended we drove to his ka house, he has a little pee pee soft like oba ki? Loke a child. I said eh! So (I’ve) been suprised okalaba nga kali matala. He loves fame sister otomedemu. Anyways congratulations. Kayinza okuwa empapula notandikirawo but sente myeeeee. Kagala fame nkamanyiii nyooo nyoooo let him come defend himself. Mpozi he changed in two months otherwise otomedde.

Don Zella