Don Zella Defends Self After Flaunting Fake Mansion

August 30, 2023
Don Zella

Don Zella

Don Zella, real name Sheila Nadege has been forced to defend herself after she paraded a mansion that does not belong to her and claimed it is hers.

Following the death of her American husband, James Matthew Juntunen in February 2022 at Abu Dhabi Al Rahba hospital, Don Zella decided to settle in the US with her children.

In bid to stay on top of the socialite game, Zella started competing with Juliet Zawedde and Sarajoy Bakanansa.

Don Zella

In July 2022, she splashed $70600 on Infiniti XQ80 2022 to cement her place on top as mama America. During last year’s festive season, Zella flew her children and their dog business class from USA to Uganda for holidays.

Of late she has been talking of relocating from USA to Uganda for good. She bought land in Busabala and currently constructing a mansion.

However, she posted a mansion from Top Notch Concepts and claimed it’s hers.

After being exposed, she posted videos showing off a mansion under construction.

We are yet to confirm whether the mansion belongs to her but what we know, she has a plot of land in Busabala.

For along time Zella has been in limelight. During her days in Dubai, she used to book artists to perform at shows. That’s how Eddy Kenzo linked her to Big Eye.

Zella funded Big Eye and changed his life. However, the ‘Indicator’ singer started mistreating her which forced Zella to throw in a towel.

Battle for supremacy forced her to compete with Zari. In December 2017, Zella booked Hamisa Mobetto (Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama) for her ‘Girl Power’ show held at Club Play to compete with Zari who had organised ‘Zari All White Party’ opposite at Guvnor.

Later, Zella dropped beef and apologised to Zari. This was after the Bosslady sent her condolences following the death of her husband.