Precious Remmie Aims Dig At Haters As Raymond Bindeeba Returns Her Bed | PHOTOS

June 12, 2023
Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba

Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba

Precious Remmie aka Ray P real name, Remma Nakitto is having the last laugh after netizens concluded that Raymond Bindeeba dumped her and moved on.

According to MC Richie, Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba met in Turkey during his Summer Festival and kicked off relationship.

Weeks later, Raymond proposed to Precious Remmie on October 12, 2021 and visited her parents in ‘Kukyala’ ceremony that took place on October 16, 2021.

Critics prophesied that their relationship would end in tears. Don Zella also came out and warned Remmie that Bindeeba is a serial-eater previously engaged to two babes.

Don Zella also claimed that Bindeeba wanted to touch in her source.

But all words fell on deaf ears. Pay P and Bindeeba were madly in love like high school students.

Despite claims from side babes, Ray P remained strong and told critics she was not going to leave her Mr cocktail.

At the beginning of this year, we observed that Ray P was not calling herself ‘Mrs Cocktail/Mrs Bindeeba Omubwati’ as she used to introduced herself.a

Towards the end of January 2023, UK-based Ugandan blogger, Ritah Kaggwa dropped a bombshell that it was over between Ray P and Bindeeba.

She said Bindeeba dumped Precious Remmie shortly after their trip in November 2022 and rekindled relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Joan Komuyimbo (Joy).

Joan Komuyimbo (Joy) (L), Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba (R)

The gossip queen made claims that after Bindeeba returned to the US, he moved in with Joan Komuyimbo (Joy) and happily live together in Los Angeles California.

Word spread and Precious Remmie looked stressed. During Valentines day, Bindeeba recorded a love message and sent flowers to Ray P during live TV program.

She aimed dig at netizens who were spreading rumours about her love life. Netizens did not believe her and insisted she stage-managed the flowers arguing that Bindeeba did not mention her name in the message.

As the rumour went on, in April this year, Ray P shocked viewers on Sanyuka TV saying that she got a new man and that she was planning to introduce him to her parents.

While praising her new bae, Ray P claimed that he splashed 30m on her Eid Shalia. She also disclosed that Raymond Bindeeba had bought her Shalia worth 15m.

Two months after her claims, Ray P and Bindeeba are back together. He jetted in the country and the pair were spotted at a function together happily.

After, Ray P shared photos on social media and laughed at critics.

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