Vivian Tendo’s hubby showers her with love in social media post

June 12, 2023

Singer Vivian Tendo is living her dream life after finding the love of her life Moses Tinsley.

The two over the weekend officialized their marriage in a customary traditional ceremony known as ‘Kwanjula’.

Before Vivian Tendo was dating Wakiso Giants boss Musa Atagenda but the relationship didn’t last long as Musa was dating other musicians like Sasha Brighton.

After the break up, the singer moved on with her life lucky enough she met Moses who has now become an official husband.

The two got engaged early this year and that’s when they made the relationship public. The fact that Moses is not a public figure, people didn’t know about him before.

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But after the engagement, Vivian Tendo started posting him more and people also started getting to know more about him.

After the introduction ceremony, Moses went ahead and made a social media post showering Vivian Tendo with love.

He said it took him a very long time to finally find the love of his life but he is sure it was because of God making.

Moses said everything has happened perfectly and at the right time that they are supposed to be.

“It took me a little long while to reach you, but God was making it, just right, just perfect 💜🩵🩷❤️,” Moses Tinsley posted.

It should be noted that Vivian Tendo has added to a few female artistes that have taken a step to officially commit to marriage.