Is my partner threatening you to stay away from me? Shakib Cham question ladies who stopped texting him

June 13, 2023

Zari and Shakib

Socialite and successful business woman Zarinah Ttale aka Zari the Bosslady’s husband Shakib is questioning why ladies have stopped texting him.

He is wondering if it is because of his wife Zari the Bosslady that is threatening them.

Zari and Shakib started dating last year and the two have even made their relationship/marriage Official.

Despite dating for a short period of time, Shakib already knew Zari is the one meant to be his wife so he rushed and put a ring on her finger.

They officially got married in April 2023 and ever since both of them have been living a married life, happy and enjoying every moment with each other.

Now the only thing disturbing Shakib is how ladies who used to text him have stopped texting him.

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He said he doesn’t know where the problem is coming from but he is definitely worried.

According to Shakib Cham Lutaaya, he wants the ladies to tell him if they feel threatened by his wife Zari the Boss lady or if there is anything more to that.

“Whats Wrong You People Have Stopped Texting me, Is My Partner Threatening You To Stay Away From Me 😥,” Shakib Cham posted.

But fans are wondering why a married man like Shakib Cham would want ladies to keep texting him.