Okwepicha In Swimming Pool Excite Netizens | VIDEO

June 10, 2023
Revelers parting on the swimming pool side

Revelers parting on the swimming pool side

Fresh from Alien Skin and Pallaso concert battles last night, netizens enjoying their weekend after Okwepicha swimming pool vid made its way to the internet.

Normally revelers love swimming especially over the weekend, causing chaos in the pools.

Most guys who don’t want to spend on rooms take advantage of the chaos and start kwepicha games.

It’s always fun because each and every party animal in the pool is minding about their business.

In the clip trending online, some babe can be seen rolling eyes as the kwepicha match goes on in the swimming pool, amid heavy partying.

From the video, other swimmers can be seen minding their business happy as the party went on strong.


Since this month began, netizens’ eyes have consumed enough thanks to clips – optical nutrition well achieved.

And we believed more are still coming!

Enjoy your weekend folks.