Unruly Bad Black Leaves Snapchat in Chaos With Nodo Video

October 22, 2021
Bad Black

Bad Black

Ex-con and self proclaimed punani vendor, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has left Snapchat in chaos after dropping massive vid.

Clad in fish-net dress, the Masolo Queen excited netizens as she teased them with a vid.

Over the years, Bad Black has branded herself as shameless and seems she benefits from it.

She is so real and hides nothing in her life and this has earned her lots of ‘tired’ followers on social platforms.

Bad Black

Her interviews go viral with massive views and this has kept bloggers and media personalities close to her.

She also likes limelight and this forces her to do all the unimaginable stuff.


In May this year, Bad Black got engaged to her toy boy Asha Panda Katende. They were planning a wedding in Zanzibar but postponed it due to Covid-19.

With kids and struggling to survive, the Masolo Queen recruited her fiance, Asha into her professional business. She revealed that she links him with loaded babes and detooth them.

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