Momo 19 Reveals Why She Had Separated With Daxx Kartel | VIDEO

January 26, 2022
Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel

Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel

Former BBS TV presenter, Naluwooza Maureen aka Momo 19 finally broken silence on why she had separated with hubby, Ssebunya Sulaiman aka Daxx Kartel.

Daxx and Momo 19 who wedded on December 20th at Kibuli Mosque, separated in April last year over unknown reasons.

After separation, word spread like fire with lots of allegations and she had to free Uganda to beat depression.

In November last year, Momo took to her Facebook page and confirmed she was back to Daxx’s bed.

She also revealed that they are planning a mega introduction ceremony in an Insta Stories post. 

In an interview with Allan Cruz, Momo 19 revealed that everything started going wrong after her wedding with Daxx Kartel.

Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel

Momo disclosed that problems started when a guy disappeared with passports and money meant to secure visa for the clients who were trying to fly abroad.

This forced her to sell off most of her properties including a car to compensate the clients. She even tried flying out for kyeyo but lost 45m in the process.

On her separation with Daxx, Momo said problems started two days after their wedding. She revealed that troubles started after she unwrapped wedding gifts.

Every time she would go home, she would see darkness in the house and started even hating to go home.

She told Daxx Kartel about what she was experiencing but because he is a staunch muslim he refused to buy her words. Momo says that Daxx also felt the wrath of witchcraft when some of his businesses started hitting trouble.

To cool down depression, she fled the country and returned to Uganda towards the end of last year.

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