Daxx Kartel Weds BBS Terefayina Presenter, Momo 19 | VIDEO| PICTURES

December 20, 2020
Daxx Kartel wedded Momo 19 in December last year

Daxx Kartel wedded Momo 19 in December last year

As we we told you! Comical singer, Ssebunya Sulaiman aka Daxx Kartel Omuryeerubah has wedded BBS Terefayina ‘Celebu Wo’ presenter, Naluwooza Maureen a.k.a Momo 19 this morning at Kibuli Mosque.

Few friends, relatives and media personnel managed to witness the wedding due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Kartel and Momo 19 have been bonking for 6 years and today they decided to make it official.

Yesterday we broke the news after we landed on the invitation cards that were making rounds on social media.

Momo 19 introduced Kartel to her parents in September 2019 but agreed to have a child after wedding.

Kartel started dating Momo 19, the former Karaoke dancer when she was still working for Star TV and Biliv TV.

Kartel and Momo 19 exchanging vows and rings:

Watch Daxx and Momo 19 after reaching at the reception: