Anna Talia Oze Finally Reveals Her Wedding Plans

January 25, 2022
Anna Talia Oze

Anna Talia Oze

NBS TV presenter, Annet Nambooze aka Anna Talia Oze has finally opened up abut her wedding plans after her anticipated wedding failed to materialize last year.

Anna Talia and baby daddy have been cohabiting for close to 6-years, chewing each other illegally. After netizens questioned as to why she is taking long to legalised the relationship, Anna Talia revealed that the wedding was supposed to happen last year but they had to call it off due to unavoidable circumstances.

She disclosed that they are in mega preparations to walk down the aisle.

Anna Talia Oze

We had prepared for the wedding last year but we had to call it off due to unavoidable circumstances. Some people have been pressurizing me but I can assure you my wedding is coming soon

Anna Talia Oze

Anna Talia disclosed that her parents did not ask a lot from her man but cautioned him to keep her safe and happy.

I want to thank my parents, they loved my man as he is, they didn’t ask for a lot. The only task they gave him is to make sure I am safe and happy

She added.

Anna Talia crossed from Spark TV and joined NBS TV in October 2018 to co-present the gossip show ‘UnCut’ with Zahara Totto.

Due to UCC directive to have all the gossip shows air from 10pm to 5am, Anna Talia was switched to host ‘Ebissanyusa mu Massengejje’, a segment that airs during ‘Amassengejje’ Luganda news.