Mathias Walukaaga to take all his children for DNA after educating them

October 14, 2023

Kadongo kamu singer and now a politician Mathias Walukaaga has revealed that he will be able to take his children for DNA after educating them.

He said there has been rumour that some of his children are actually not his biological children.

Mathias Walukaaga said he has more than 10 children from different mothers and he is providing education to all of them.

According to Walukaaga, he knows that all women that brought children to him have ever been in a relationship with him. As a person he doesn’t doubt any children.

But since some men have come out to claim that some children are theirs he will not mind doing DNA tests on them.

He however said he doesn’t want to take away the opportunity of educating them just because they are said not to be his.

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The singer now politician said he will be able to atleast educate them up to form six where he knows they are able to do something on their own and later do a DNA test to them.

He said he doesn’t care wether they turn out to be his or not. The truth is that he will have done his part as a father and hoped those children will have to appreciate him for that.

“I have heard claims that some of my children may belong to other men. However, I have made the decision to provide education for all the children I have raised as my own until they reach senior six. At that point, I will conduct DNA tests on each of them. My belief is that by then, they will have reached a certain stage in their lives just in case it turns out that they are not biologically mine.,” -Sir Mathias Walukagga