Daniella Atim Reveals Why She Ran Away From Jose Chameleone | VIDEO

October 11, 2023
Daniella Atim and Jose Chameleone

Daniella Atim and Jose Chameleone

Daniella Atim has revealed the major reason as to why she left legendary Ugandan singer, Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone.

In a short clip that is making rounds on social media, Daniella says she was forced to leave because Chameleone had become a drunkard and would come home in the morning.

Jose Chameleone and Daniella

I left because at a certain point Jose was drinking too much, if you want the truth. He was drinking too much and there was at time he was coming home in the morning. There was a time he came home at 9am, another time at 9am and another time at midday, and he was dead drunk. I tried sitting him down and asked him what is it? what makes you drink like that?, and he had no reason. So i told him your children have grown, Abba for example has grown. You cannot live like this when your children growing up. So we gave him time and I saw nothing was happening so I told him I’m going home. You choose between your alcohol or me and the kids, so I left

Daniella Atim said

From our observation, this clip is old and was recorded in 2017 when Daniella dragged Chamili into Nakawa court demanding a divorce.

Jose Chameleone And Daniella Woes:

In 2017, Daniella left Chameleone’s home and sought refugee at Sipapa’s home. She almost quit marriage and filed for divorce at Nakawa Magistrate Court citing brutality but the pair managed to settle their differences and re-united.

However, in February 2019, Daniella and her children relocated the USA after Jose Chameleone splashed over $200,000 (about Shs 730million) to secure a mansion in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Mitchelle Kaddu (L upper row) with Jose Chameleone’s family)

After settling in the US, In September 2020, an audio circulated with Daniella confirming it was over between her and the ‘Bayuda’ Singer.

In the audio, she claimed her relationship with Chamili ended long ago and that she only respects him because he is the father of her children but besides that, she considers him a brother.

Daniella said she plans to start building her own house in Uganda basing on the fact that she cannot live far away from her husband and doesn’t expect him not to have another family.

It’s over, I give him respect because he is a dad to my kids but Jose cannot be my husband or I cannot be his wife. Am going to start building my own house in Uganda, though not in Kampala. Me and Jose it’s over. Jose is still young and don’t think am going to be here 10 years and Jose doesn’t start another family. Our relationship ended, he is now like a brother

Daniella said in a leaked audio

Since Daniella settled in the US, Chamili has been trying to check on his family but the distance and the cost seem to be taking toll on him.

However, our snoops have been observing the widening gap between Chamili and Daniella.

It should be noted that The couple is blessed with five children, three boys and two girls.