Laika Music speaks the truth about sleeping with Tanzanian star Harmonize

October 16, 2023

Upcoming singer Laika Music has come clean about her relationship with Tanzanian star Harmonize.

This happened after the two posted the videos together cozy while Laika was out in Tanzania staying at the star’s apartment.

There was a rumour that Laika and Harmonize are dating because they even got matching tattoos which surprised most of the fans.

Laika has returned to Uganda and she is denying all the allegations that are accusing her of having an affair with harmonize.

According to Laika, the main reason she moved to Tanzania was business. She went looking for cinnecrtuons like any other upcoming artiste would do.

The singer said nothing happened between her and Harmonize. Their friendship was purely business and nothing more that especially the dating allegations.

Laika Music, Harmonize Confirm Relationship With Matching Tattoos | PHOTOS

“I didn’t sleep with Harmonize Tz, I only did business with him” – LaikaMusic

Harmonize separated from his long time girlfriend Kajara. The two were dating for more than five years but they decided to call it quits and move on to new relationships.

With matching tattoos, Harmonize and Laika Music seem to be so much in love but want to keep their relationship so private.

It is not clear if they will ever reveal it to the public or if it will stay hidden until they marry or even separate before coming out public about it.