Lwasa Reveals Why He Has Decided To Dump Angel Kwakunda For Good, To Visit New Bae, Kasandra’s Parents | VIDEO

July 7, 2022
Lwasa and Angel

Lwasa and Angel

Masaka tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi is determined to part ways with Angel Kwakunda for good barely a month after he branded her the sweetest of all.

On Tuesday, Lwasa’s children in Bulaga on Mityana Road ganged up, locked Angel Kwakunda outside the gate and threw her belongings out.

They opened a case at Bulaga police station SDREF:23/5/7/2022 accusing Angel of humiliating their dad (Lwasa), torturing and bewitching them.

Lwasa with Kwakunda at the introduction
Lwasa with Kwakunda at the introduction

They also claim Angel was behind the recent video of ‘Lwasa’ that circulated online.

After being thrown out, Angel ran to police accusing Lwasa’s children of beating and stealing her 10m but refused to record a statement.

She also instructed her lawyers to file for divorce.

In a phone interview with YouTuber, Sarkozy Farouk, Lwasa said she determined to part ways with Angel for good and has already replaced her with a new bae named Kasandra.

He said he is in preparations to visit Kasandra’s parents.

Lwasa revealed that his 30-year old boy kicked Angel out after discovering she was the one behind the video that circulated recently.

Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda
Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda

He told Farouk that the main reason as to why he married Angel, was to produce kids and cook for him.

Lwasa disclosed that Angel has refused to give him a child and has never cooked for him as she is always out partying.

She turned sitting room into a bed room and Lwasa sleeps alone.

Lwasa said Angel would snoop in his phone, get photos and videos, send them to her phone and circulate them in the media.

He stated that he is not the one in recent leaked video.

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