Bad Black sends a controversial message to Cindy over Sheebah’s talent 

March 21, 2024

Cindy, Bad Black

Socialite and President of prostitutes in Uganda Bad Black has sent a controversial message to singer Cindy Sanyu over Sheebah’s talent.

She said she is tired of watching her interviews talk about Sheebah yet she claims being more talented than her.

Sheebah and Cindy haven’t been seeing eye to eye for years. It started way back at the beginning of their careers when they thought they were going to support each other.

According to Bad Black, Sheebah is truly a big brand despite people criticising her talent and calling her out for what she is not.

She said Cindy talking about her in every interview shows how cheap she is and how she is not having content at the moment.

Cindy Sanyu Attacks Sheebah Again, Asks Her To Respect Her Masters

“Dear Cindy sanyu i want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a mother and wife material … also thank You for visiting me during my imprisonment i appreciate you …. Can you kindly move on ur still stuck with sheebah now you’ve become empisi which follows the lion … talking about sheebah everywhere you go its nolonger funny it shows ur so irrelevant and cheap … so without sheebah name u hv nothing to tell people than dick ….. otutamye even n London Sudan , Kenya, Tanzania n you bedroom bathroom during sex , eating , dreaming… its sheebah on ur mind …. MOVE ON