Julie Angume Living Large With Hubby, Sam Ssekajjugo Abroad

July 8, 2022
Sam Ssekajjugo (L), Julie Angume (L)

Sam Ssekajjugo (L), Julie Angume (L)

In December 2019, Julie Angume a.k.a Julie the heartbeat introduced a photo to her parents in Kiboga after fiancee, Sam Ssekajjugo failed to show up.

It is said that Ssekajjugo failed to show up after receiving intel that his old wife Nalongo had hired bouncers to disrupt the function.

As if this was not enough, their wedding that was slated to take place in Nairobi late December 2020 was also cancelled off and postponed till 2021. Unfortunately, the wedding never happened.

In January 2020, Sam Ssekajjugo secretly visited Julie’s parents in Kiboga.

Sam Sekajugo and Julie Angume on their introduction

Despite all the frustrations from Nalongo, Ssekajjugo and Julie were determined to take their relationship to another level and he managed to fly her to Netherlands where they live together.

Sam Sekajugo and Julie Angume in Netherlands.

On Wednesday, Julie surprised Sam Ssekajjugo with flowers stuffed with money and urged fellow women to always do the same.

Sam Ssekajjugo with flowers from Julie Angume