Cephco Abandons Yvonne Kankaka, Corners Brenda Miles | VIDEOS

July 5, 2022
Cephco and Yvonne (L), Brenda Miles (R)

Cephco and Yvonne (L), Brenda Miles (R)

TikToker, Ismael Cephco left revelers shocked after he cornered self proclaimed Dubai Kabozi seller Brenda Miles.

Brenda who jetted in Uganda yesterday, declared she came to have fun and eat her hard earned money. However, she cautioned those with 5m and below not to waste time looking for her.

She wasted no time and last night she linked up with controversial TikToker, Cephco who was ready to impress.

The pair looked so fired up and left together in the wee hours of morning to unknown destination.

Watch video:

Since this week started, Cephco and his bae, Yvonne Kankaka have been trending for reasons known to their followers.

When Cephco publicly dumped Jowie, he declared he was going to settle with his No.2 Jowie.

His antics with Branda Miles last night, we doubt if he is ready to settle with Yvonne Kankaka.

Cephco is a man hungry for fame, he made his name by attacking and abusing celebrities.

Upon his realese from jail, he is always in news for controversial reasons.