Lwasa Launches Manhunt For Viral Bushenyi Water Bae

October 15, 2022
Lwasa looking for viral Water babe

Lwasa looking for viral Water babe

Renowned Masaka tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi has launched manhunt for viral Bushenyi babe that broke the internet with water video.

Lwasa who still searching for a bae to marry after he suffered a life time humiliation at the hands of Vanessa Vanny, took to Facebook to deliver a message to Bushenyi bae.

Lwasa said he wants to send a comforting message to her but her phones are still busy.



Lwasa who came to lime light for driving expensive cars, slowly found himself in the media after he started dating Desire Luzinda.

Lwasa with Desire Luzinda

His fame shoot the roof after he went public accusing BBS Terefayina presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi of being a thief. Lwasa dated Nabatanzi for 5-years but deliberately refused to produce him a child.

To show Nabatanzi that he can do whatever he wants, he visited Angel Kwakunda‘s parents in Nakasongola in March 2020.

Lwas and Angel Kwakunda on their introduction

Lwasa and Angel separated on two occasions and finally parted ways for good in July after he connived with his children and kicked her out of his Bulaga home on Mityana Road.

The first time he separated with Angel, the Masaka tycoon dated former Masaka Karaoke dancer, Kalibatanya but their relationship lasted for just two weeks.

He jumped onto Vanessa Vanny but the former John Blaq’s lover and Ziza Bafana’s baby mama showed him Kampala. She ate money that was meant to buy items for the introduction and cancelled the ceremony on the D-day.

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

Last weekend, the tycoon showed off another babe and revealed he is trying to convince her to marry him. Since the Masaka tycoon started dating Kampala detoothers, he must have spend almost 500m on them.

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