INTRODUCTION MYEE: Vanessa Vanny Tricks Lwasa, Chews Dime, Leaves Him Looking Like A Fool In Front Of Relatives

October 2, 2022
Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi left looking like a fool in front of relatives after Vanessa Vanny tricked him, pocketed money and cancelled introduction ceremony at the last minute.

Today, Lwasa woke up in the mood to visit Vanessa’s parents in Mpabire – Mpigi district. Lwasa announced in the mid week that the function was supposed to take place today.

In the morning, relatives gathered at Lwasa’s home and prepared to go to Mpigi. However, Lwasa’s best man told the entourage that he spoke to Vanessa and told him that the function was called off.

Lwasa with his relative planning to go to Visit Vanessa’s parents

Lwasa insisted he wanted to go but his relatives told him they were not going anywhere as they are tired of being humiliated.

As the arguments started, the best man called Vanessa and she confirmed that the function was off. She said Lwasa made claims that he caught her with his driver, a thing that her mum did not take lightly.

She revealed that the function was supposed to take place on Thursday but had to be postponed after Lwasa alleged that she was seeing his driver.

Vanessa also told the entourage that Lwasa had promised to roof her mum’s house, which he did not fulfill.

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

However, yesterday we received intel from Mulungu that Vanessa tricked Lwasa and ate the money that was supposed to buy stuff. She told Lwasa to give her money arguing that she knows what her parents need.

Lwasa gave her 10m and another 20m for organising the function; hire service providers among other things.

Lwasa later found out that Vanessa ate the money but the determined tycoon bought other stuff to avoid humiliation.

His efforts did not field results as Vanessa told best man point blank that the function was called off and they dare step at her parents home, police will arrest them.

watch video below:

After coming to his senses, Lwasa has accepted that Vanessa tricked him.

Gwenasuubiza enkota adduse nekiwagu .Ennaku ebadde yamuyonka dda .
Ani ali ready?


As Routineblast, we advise Lwasa to keep off media and sort his stuff out. Otherwise he is becoming a nuisance.