Zari invites all her co wives for her All White Party

December 15, 2023

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is definitely the ex or co wife you would definitely love to have.

This is because she’s so carefree and non dramatic at all unless you want the drama which she can also serve.

The money bags has now revealed how her ex, Diamond Platinumz’ ex and baby mama Tanasha Donna will be present for her all white party.

Zari said that they linked up and had a chat and she told the Kenyan singer how she’s in Uganda for a party.

Tanasha promised to come by and Zari can’t wait to have her. It should be recalled that the mother of 5 also recently revealed how Ghanaian singer and socialite Fantana will come of the party.

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Apparently, Fantana and Zari had a verbal exchange on the Young Rich and Famous Netflix series over Diamond Platinumz but since the Boss Lady keeps no bridges, she’s already moved on.