Angel Kwakunda Homeless After Being Kicked Out Of Lwasa’s House

July 6, 2022
Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda

Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda

Socialite, Angel Kwakunda is crying foul and currently homeless after being kicked out of Emmanuel Lwasa’s house located in Bulaga on Mityana Road.

Lwasa’s children locked Angel outside the gate and threw her belongings out yesterday evening accusing her of humiliating their dad.

They accuse angel of circulating the recent video and also claim she has been bewitching them.

They opened a case at Bulaga police station SDREF:23/5/7/2022.

After being denied access to the house, Angel ran to the police and accused Lwasa’s children of beating her and stealing 10m from her.

However, she refused to record a statement. She has instructed her lawyers to draft divorce papers.

Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda

Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda:

Emmanuel Lwasa started dating Angel Kwakunda in 2020. According to ‘Embozi Mu Kati’ panelists, Angel was a close friend to BBS TV presenter, Diana Nabatanzi.

Skirt-loving Lwasa started vibing her behind Nabatanzi’s back and it was the major reason as to why the BBS TV presenter dumped him.

After trying to win Nabatanzi back in vain, Lwasa decided to visit Angel’s parents in Nakasongola in March 2021 as a sign of revenge.

Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda on their introduction

All was well until videos of Lwasa with side babes started flooding the internet.

In March, Lwasa confirmed he had separated with Angel after she was filmed partying with former Bukedde FM’s Love talkshow ‘Wujjala’ presenter, Abdul Kamulegeya in a club.

Lwasa revealed Angel ran away from home after she attempted to steal 24m from him.

After few weeks, he replaced her with a Masaka-based karaoke singer, Kalibatanya. She came determined and tattooed Lwasa’s face on her leg and his name on her chest.

After watching the TikTok video of Lwasa and Kalibatanya riding in Mercedes Brabus, Angel recorded a video with her aunt and declared she was going back to Lwasa.

The next day, Angel recorded a video riding in the same car with the Masaka tycoon. In an interview, Lwasa confirmed they were back together and even bought her a plot of land.

A week after, the Masaka tycoon was filmed partying with a new heavy babe. In a new interview, Lwasa revealed his reunion with Angel didn’t last because she came back with ill-motives.

At the beginning of this month, Lwasa posted a video seated in car back seat being driven by Angel and branded her the sweetest of all.

ANGEL LWASA WANGE GGWE ABASINGA BONNA. LEERO OMPADDE OLUNAKU OLULUNGI BIRI NALI NSAAGA. QUEEN ANGEL ANGEL ATASOBYA NALULUNGI WA UGANDA KAWOOMERA NABUKA. ONO OMWANA KUBYANKOLA MULINDE MBAGA (Angel you are the greatest of all, you gave me a great day. Angel can’t make mistakes, she is Uganda’s top queen and the sweetest of all. This babe what she does to me, wait for the party)

Lwasa posted.

Since then, Angel has been living at Lwasa’s home. Now she has been thrown out and wants justice.

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