Shakib Takes New Bae To Bed, Zari Runs Back To Diamond Platnumz | VIDEOS

February 22, 2024
Zari and Shakib

Zari and Shakib

Shakib Cham, real name Shakib Lutaaya has paraded new bae few days after he gifted Zari Hassan a teddy bear and flowers worth 200k.

Zari and Shakib started dating in May 2022 after the former dumped showy Ugandan-based in South Africa, GK Choppa.

At first, many thought Zari was hanging out with a fan but later they confirmed romance. Tired of heartbreaks, Zari thought she had gotten a young lad she would tame but Shakib is a town boy and a smart wire.

A month after Zari and Shakib went public, Mimi came out and accused the Bosslady of snatching her man (Shakib). According to documents shared by Mimi, she married Shakib in June 2016 and processed him a US visa in May 2017.

Despite Mimi’s crocodile tears, Zari and Shakib’s grew stronger until June 2023 when Zari labeled Shakib ‘Fala’ during her phone conversation with Tanzanian promoter, Ladynaa. Zari was trying to get Shakib a visa and an air ticket to UK for White Party.

Zari and Shakib

With too much heat from the audio recordings, Zari apologised and stayed with her man. To show seriousness, in April 2023, Shakib proposed to Zari in South Africa and even threw a low-key Nikah that was attended by close family friends.

Despite their blossoming romance, critics have always argued that the pair would not last. For those who know Zari, she likes showbiz and Shakib is not the kind of a man who would match and fund Zari’s life style.

Today, a video of Shakib cozying with unknown bae leaked online. For the past few days, Diamond has been camping at Zari’s home in disguise of checking on his kids.

Diamond and Zari at one point were filmed having good time holding hands. And we suspect that Shakib wanted to send a clear message that he can also have fun.