We Are Coming For Your Men – S.4 Finalists Send Warning To Married Women | VIDEO

October 14, 2022
S.4 Students

S.4 Students

Senior four female finalists have sent a warning to married women ti be ready to lose their husbands vowing that they are coming to snatch them.

Earlier this year, one student was forced to apologise after she recorded a message warning married women that she was coming to snatch their men.

She was carried away by excitement not knowing that the video was going to go viral. By the time she reached home, the video was circulating on the internet.

Her parents punished and forced her to apologise on the same channel she used to send out message.

But seems her fellow students never learnt a lesson. Today, three S.4 students from yet to be identified school who have just finished exams sent the warning married women that they are coming for their men.

Naye abakazi abafumbo anti tumaze, anytime from now tudda! Abasajja tubatwala tebasigala, olaba muba insecure nga tukyali musomero kati olwo. Ela basasajja bamwe tubatwala

S.4 finalists send chilling message to married women.

Of late, students are directly in competition with married women thanks to love for material wealth.