Lwasa Dives In Angel’s Thighland Days After Confirming Date To Visit Kasandra’s Parents

August 27, 2022
Lwasa and Angel

Lwasa and Angel

Renowned Masaka tycoon, Emmanuel lwasa Kaweesi is back with Angel Kwakunda, days after confirming date to visit Kasandra’s parents.

Earlier this week, Lwasa revealed he will be introduced by new bae, Kasandra to her parents on October 29.

A day after his statement, our snoops smoked him out hanging out with Angel, who he connived with with his children and kicked out of Bulaga’s home in July.

This is the fourth time Lwasa is reuniting with Angel. In March, they separated after Lwasa accused her of trying to steal 24m. He replaced her with Masaka-based karaoke babe named Kalibatanya.

Lwasa with Kalibatanya

After Angel watched a video of Lwasa cruising with Kalibatanya in the same car, she declared that the Masaka tycoon was hers and ran back home.

In May, Lwasa broke up with Angel again. In a new interview, the Masaka tycoon revealed that she came back with ill-motives and decided to kick her out.

In June the confused pair reunited again, this time around Lwasa announced the news on social media, describing her as the sweetest of all.

Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda

Lwasa took her to Bulaga’s mansion on Mityana Road. In July, he connived with his children and kicked her out.

This week, our snoops smoked them out and Lwasa confessed that Angel must have bewitched him.

In her face, Lwasa said he is going to be introduced by another woman and he expects Angel to escort her.

I am going to wed another woman on 29th, October and Angel is going to escort me


Lwasa also said that they (him and Angel) now sleep together at home and vowed never to leave her again. He vowed to teach her how to do wife duties because he loves her.

It should be noted that Lwasa visited Angel’s parents in a colorful ceremony that took place in Nakasongola in March 2021.

Lwasa has dated to city slayers; Desire Luzinda, Diana Nabatanzi, Precious Remmy, Zahara Totto and revealed he wants to produce 20 children. So far, he has 14.