Lwasa Breaks Up With Angel Kwakunda Again, Lands New Heavy Duty

May 11, 2022
Lwasa with Angel Kwakunda (L), Lwasa with new heavy duty (R)

Lwasa with Angel Kwakunda (L), Lwasa with new heavy duty (R)

The re-union between Angel Kakunda and Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi ended in a week after the later chased the former out of the house like a chicken thief.

At the beginning of March, Angel was filmed partying with former Bukedde FM’s Love talkshow ‘Wujjala’ presenter, Abdul Kamulegeya in a club. By that time Lwasa was out of the country. When he returned, he revealed that Angel ran away from home after she attempted to steal 24m from him.

He replaced her with a Masaka-based karaoke singer, Kalibatanya. She came determined and tattooed Lwasa’s face on her leg and his name on her chest.


After watching the TikTok video of Lwasa and Kalibatanya riding in Brabus, Angel recorded a video with her aunt and declared she was going back to Lwasa.

My aunt talked to me. I realised my mistakes. I am going back to my husband. I am team no divorce. So, I want to take this chance to issue a warning to all slay queens who were planning to joke around with my husband to forget him. Lwasa is mine and can’t chuck me


The next day, Angel recorded a video riding in the same car with Masaka tycoon. In an interview, Lwasa confirmed they were back together and even bought her a plot of land.

A week after, the Masaka tycoon was filmed partying with a new heavy babe and they are still together.

In a new interview, The Masaka tycoon revealed his reunion with Angel didn’t last.

She is not at my home. She came with some ill motives but I discovered and chased her away. I am single again and ready to mingle

Lwasa confirmed his breakup with Angel.

Lwasa has always considered himself unlucky. He has all the money but has failed to sustain reationships. Since parting ways with desire Luzinda in 2019, Lwasa has dated, Dianah Nabatazi, Angel Kwakunda, Kalibatanya, this new heavy duty among many others.

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