Etania Mutoni Celebrates 23rd Birthday With 5D Photoshoot

August 26, 2022
Etania Mutoni

Etania Mutoni

Etania Mutoni aka Life of the Party celebrated her 23rd birthday on Thursday, August 25 and as expected she left online-in-laws buzzing.

The NTV Mix Party show co-host has made herself a name in the past years thanks to her controversial lifestyle.

In February, Canada-based blogger, Senga Acid pinned Etania for plotting for get Lynda Ddane fired in bid to take over her slot on NTV the Beat show.

Etania and Ddane were not seeing face to face until their workmate, Tina Teise reunited them on Women’s day.

Lynda Ddane and Etania Mutoni
Lynda Ddane and Etania Mutoni

Etania first graced online after she was pictured with Team No Sleep (TNS) boss, Jeff Kiwa in Dubai. After word started making rounds that Sheebah wanted to quit TNS because of her.

Later, Etania dumped Jeff for DJ Slick Stuart. In April this year, Jeff confessed being in love with Etania, a sign they reunited.

Etania Mutoni
Etania Mutoni

In February this year, Etania seized an opportunity and clashed the stage when Nigerian singer, Chike was performing. She left Chicke pocketing after he rub-a-dubbed her.

Despite all her controversies, Etania is hardworking. She promotes theme nights in bars.

She also owns a liquor store, The Liquor Mart located on Kisasi Bahai Road.

There was no way she was going to celebrate her 23rd birthday unnoticed. she dropped 5D photos.

Check them below:

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