Lwasa Re-Unites With Angel | Karaoke Babe Bursts In Tears, Curses, Wants His Tattoos Removed | VIDEOS | PHOTOS

April 28, 2022
Kalibatanya (L), Angel with Lwasa (R)

Kalibatanya (L), Angel with Lwasa (R)

Emmanuel Lwasa has dumped the new karaoke babe (Kalibatanya) and re-united with Angel Kwakunda following months apart.

At the beginning of March, Angel was filmed partying with former Bukedde FM’s Love talkshow ‘Wujjala’ presenter, Abdul Kamulegeya in a club. By that time Lwasa was out of the country. When he returned, he revealed that Angel ran away from home after she attempted to steal 24m from him.

Angel also hit back and revealed she dumped Lwasa long time.

Kalibatanya (L), Angel with Lwasa (R)

All efforts to win her back in vain, Lwasa publicly revealed that he was going to replace her.

On Wednesday, Kalibatanya released a video cruising with Lwasa in the same car. She also showed off tattoos of Lwasa’s face on her leg and his name on her chest.

Lwasa’s face on Kalibatanya’s leg

This forced Angel who had run broke and partying with small boys to record a video and declared she has never dumped Lwasa. She warned Kalibatanya that Lwasa is hers and cannot chuck him.

Today, Angel released a video cruising in the same car with Lwasa a sign that they are back together. For the fact, Lwasa loved Angel and there is no way he was going to turn her down.

Watch video:

After painfully watching Lwasa and Angel back together, Kalibatanya bursted into tears and declared Lwasa deserves to be crucified.

The karaoke babe says she never knew and admits she regrets her decision to date Lwasa.

Kalibatanya is now depressed and she is contemplating leaving social media for sometime.

She also questioned why always her?. She thought she had survived karaoke’s like and plating dirty hair.

Kalibatanya has advised ladies to think twice before falling for Masaka men.