Kojja Kitonsa appreciates Prince Omar’s acceptance of Grace Khan’s daughter

July 20, 2023

Talent manager and herbalist Kojja Kitonsa has appreciated singer Prince Omar for finally stepping up as a responsible father to Grace Khan’s daughter.

Grace Khan welcomed her daughter one and half years ago although it was an emotional time for and people surrounding her.

The person who had got her pregnant fellow singer Prince Omar denied the pregnancy. He even denied knowing her physically saying he only saw her on television.

That left so many people doubting Grace Khan thinking she didn’t know who the father of her child was.

One and half years of struggling as a single parent, Prince Omar has finally showed up and started taking responsibility as any other father.

Grace Khan shared videos of Prince Omar and their child having a great time which surprised so many people because it was less expected.

Prince Omar is the best father – Grace Khan praises

As a person who was once very close to Grace Khan, Kojja Kitonsa has appreciated Prince Omar for being man enough and owning to his responsibility.

He said every man should learn from that because blood is thicker than water.

“I have liked the way Prince Omar has come out with a lot of energy to take care of Grace Khan’s daughter like any other father. We are now happy the child has a father in her life finally,” Kojja Kitonsa said