Sheebah Almost Thumps Disrespectful DJ Nimrod

July 20, 2023


Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Karma lost her cool on Tuesday and almost thumped Minrod Nabeeta aka DJ Nimrod over disrespect.

On Tuesday, Kampala Deejays under their umbrella, met Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) top leadership to discuss how they can join the new formed federation since they promote artists work.

The meeting got heated up with counter accusations as some DJs pin artists of hiring them and failing to pay. Artists also accused some DJs of not playing their music.

As Sheebah tried to explain, DJ Nimrod started interrupting her which angered the Queen Karma and ordered the bald-headed DJ to shut it.

Sheebah had to move and confronted DJ Nimrod face to face and demanded he stops interrupting her and respects the Federation leadership.

DJ Nimrod

I am the vice president here sir, have some respect. I am still talking, you keep interrupting me. We have been here listening to you silently, you should also be quiet and listen to me


As tempers flared, Eddy Kenzo and other UNMF diffused the situation and started responding to DJs’ concerns.

Sheebah confronting DJ Nimrod

The same meeting which lasted a few hours saw several deejays complaining about the mistreatment by musicians, assault and nonpayment by some top musicians.

A one DJ shamed Queen Karma and directly accused her of using her services and later refused to pay.

The Queen Karma apologize and promised to pay off the DJ.

The UNMF later in the evening, met with Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon Nobert Mao, to discuss progress on the copyright law.