Prince Omar is the best father – Grace Khan praises

July 19, 2023

Songstress Grace Khan has heaped praises on baby daddy Prince Omar as the best father days after accepting to be in the life of her daughter.

Grace Khan gave birth early 2022 but she struggled with the pregnancy and delivery it’s self.

The person that has got her pregnant a fellow singer Prince Omar denied the pregnancy as he said he doesn’t know her, he only watches her on television.

Grace Khan cried over and over because of too much responsibilities as a single mother who doesn’t earn so much.ll

However, yesterday Grace Khan surprised everyone on social media as she posted a video of Prince Omar and their daughter.

She said she was getting emotional because of that, she couldn’t believe that time would come for her to have such happiness.

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In an interview with Sanyuka television, Grace Khan revealed that she was beyond happiness because of the relationship her daughter has with the father.

She said she has never seen a loving father like Prince Omar asking other ladies who he wronged to forgive him because he is the best father.

“Prince Omar is the best father I have ever seen. My daughter is very happy whenever she is with her father. I want other ladies who Prince Omar wronged to forgive him. He is a good person and the best father I have ever seen in my life,” Grace Khan said