Pia Pounds struggling with body soreness after skipping gym for a months

July 20, 2023

Singer Pia Pounds real name Kirabo Tracy is struggling with body soreness after skipping gym for a whole month and some days

Pia Pounds is one of the Ugandan female musicians that is always trying to stay fit and look good.

She is also big on fashion and for any other person to look good in clothes, they must work on their body to be in the right shape.

That is what Pia Pounds has been doing but lately she gave herself a break from working out daily like she used to do.

For a whole month, she hadn’t seen any difference but for the past two days she said she hasn’t been feeling very well.

According to Pia Pounds, the reason she hasn’t been feeling well is because her body aches and every muscle can’t move.

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She said she is in so much pain which has reminded her the consistency should be a key in whatever she is doing as a person.

“I foolishly skipped gym for a good 1 month and 15 days. Two days back in, I’m sore as hell, can’t move a muscle, the pain is too much I’m reminded the importance of consistency. 🥺☹️,” Pia Pounds