Precious Remmie Advises Women On When And Why They Should Give Birth

March 8, 2024
Raymond and Precious Remmie

Raymond and Precious Remmie

Media personality Precious Remmie has advised women on when and why they should give birth.

She said giving birth without an aim and money puts one in trouble because they will not be able to provide to the child whatever the baby needs.

Precious Remmie is a mother of one and expecting another baby really quick. She revealed that she was pregnant early this year after two years of marriage.

She said getting pregnant wasn’t that easy but she prayed to God and he finally blessed her with what she wanted most.

According to Precious Remmie, getting pregnant is a very beautiful thing but it is better for those that have money.

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She said a woman who sees herself like they can’t manage to take care of the child, they shouldn’t give birth to torture the child.

The media personality said raising a child and getting pregnant needs someone to be careful and plan accordingly.

“We love kids, but if we give birth to them and can’t take care of them, we’re making them suffer.”