Pin-Sized Tycoon Skillfully Dries Up Bae In Action Match | VIDEO

June 30, 2022
Slayer (Courtesy photo)

Slayer (Courtesy photo)

Netizens are waving the month of June with total excitement after a well-wisher dropped an action video involving a pin-sized city tycoon and bae.

Of late, netizens have been in dry season as action-parked videos went with the good economy.

But seems Ugandans move on so fast and they are back to normal business.

Over the years, there has been debate on whether the size of the paddle matter in navigating the canoe in water. Some prefer big paddles while others say size does not matter provided one has the skills.

Indeed the city tycoon proved to the world that the paddle size doesn’t matter as he skillfully showed how the small paddle is supposed to be used.


But it should be noted that big paddles navigate the canoes faster, than the smaller paddles.

But also paddles go with the size of the canoe.