God’s Plan Replaces Sheilah Gashumba | VIDEO

God's Plan with new lover

God’s Plan has replaced Sheilah Gashumba with a new babe after the latter uploaded a video on her snapchat publicly kissing new guy.

Sheilah Gashumba kissing new guy

Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan started dating in 2019.

Sheilah who thought has secured herself a husband, left her dad’s house and moved in with lover, who had just jetted in from UK.

The pair always had fights but made up. Last year it is alleged God’s Plan real name, Marcus ALi Lwanga had to sleep in coolers at Jinja Road Police station after thumping the Lil Stunner to pulp.

Towards the end of last year, word started making rounds that the celebrity couple had broken up but since there was Covid-19 lockdown and no partying, it was hard to confirm.

Yesterday night, Sheilah uploaded a video on her Snapchat partying and kissing a bearded guy we are yet to know his name.

Her ex-boyfriend, responded on his Twitter account by uploading a video chilling with a new babe, captioned ‘Bestie’.

God’s Plan with new babe

Watch video below:

God’s Plan with new lover

Marcus and Sheilah were not going to stay together for long. They have egos and everytime they would get a misunderstanding, Marcus would show Sheilah that he can replace her with ease and during their two-year on and off relationship, he paraded more than one babe on his social media accounts.

After watching videos on social media, Netizens have concluded that Marcus and Sheilah each wanted to show the other that they can bonk at any time they want.

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