Sheilah Gashumba Publicly Kisses New Bae | VIDEO

Sheilah Gashumba kissing new bae

Sheilah Gashumba has paraded new bae ending her two-year on and off relationship with Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan.

The Lil Stunner moved out of her father’s house in 2019 and moved in with God’s Plan who had fled from UK.

The pair have had on and off fights, breaking up several times but always made up.

Sheilah and God’s Plan

Towards the end of last year, things got worse and celebrity couple parted ways for good.

Since then, they have disappeared from the public domain.

Yesterday, she ended the speculation about her relationship with God’s Plan and uploaded a video on Snapchat publicly kissing a bearded guy identified as Anthony Debanthy.

Sheiilah Gashumba kissing new bae
Sheilah Gahumba’s new guy

This confirmed that she moved on from her abusive boyfriend, God’s Plan.

We are yet to confirm if that’s the true name of the guy but our snoops are doing their best to unearth the fella swimming in the ‘Lil Stunner’s’ sweet slippery pond.

Watch video below:
Sheilah Gashumba kissing new lover

Sheilah is alleged to have dated Fik Fameica, Grenade, Eth who are all Ugandan singers in a space of two years.

Critics have always prophesied that the Lil Stunner’s relationship with God’s Plan was never going to last arguing that the latter would go back to UK to stay with his baby mama.

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