EATEN! On-Fire God’s Plan Lifts Sheilah Gashumba To Bedroom As Love Birds Re-Unite | VIDEO

Socialite, Marcus Ali Lwanga Ssempija aka God’s Plan and Sheilah Gashumba are back together following a month not seeing eye to eye.

It started as a rumour that the pair had separated after God’s Plan took to his Snapchart and announced it was over between him and the Lil Stunner.

He fueled the rumour by posting a picture of a bae on his Instagram page followed by a video partying with the same bae.

A heartbroken Sheilah was whisked away from Kampala by her buddy, Zahara Totto and spent last weekend at Birdnest Resort, Lake Bunyonyi-Kabale.

Today we broke a story how God’s Plan and Sheilah met yesterday to resolve their differences and we are glad to tell you that the meeting was cemented with a hot bonk.

After a delicious dinner, the pair left together and a salivating God’s Plan is filmed pushing Sheilah to the bedroom.

What happened in there, your guess is good as mine.

Watch video: