Big Eye Vows To Thump Sam Okanya Over Sevo Abuses

Sam Okanya and Big Eye

Big Eye real name, Ibrahim mayanja has vowed to thump the ‘Da Mighty Family’ comedian, Sam Okanya for abusing president Museveni.

During the recent concluded presidential elections, Sam Okanya joined Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) camp and actively started campaigning for him.

Before joining Bobi Wine’s campaign trail, Sam Okanya first faked his kidnap and resurfaced with plucked hair.

Sam Okanya clad in People Power attire

He accused the security personnel and Alex Mugangi of kidnapping him but the police trashed his allegations and confirmed that he kidnapped himself for personal gains.

Okanya started Facebook Live broadcasts attacking the government.

He took his disrespect to another level and started abusing president Yoweri Museveni.

Recently, Okanya has become radical to an extent of wishing death to president Museveni. Some Facebook in-laws have condemned his abuses while others support his actions.

This forced NRM supporter, Big Eye to warn Okanya and vowed to pump some sense in his round nut.

Big Eye at State House

I feel so mad about this guy called SAM of Mighty family the comedian. We are not going to handle everything gently however much i wana be respected. Put Respect on our country president HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s name. He deserves enough respect. We don’t force you to support him but don’t go beyond limits. He is a country president (Uganda), Father, Grand father, Number one principal in Uganda and elder. We are not going to tolerate every nonsense on our president because we want to keep a good image, Big Eye posted on facebook.

Big Eye’s post on Facebook

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