Don Zella Reveals Who Chewed Her Goat

September 20, 2022
Don Zella

Don Zella

Don Zella real name, Sheila Nadege – the Outspoken American based Ugandan socialite has revealed the man who chewed her goat in an interesting post that reminded her followers of their exes.

In an interesting discussion on Facebook, Don Zella asked her followers to mention guys who took their goats. Her followers started mentioning names as some cursed while others appreciated their exes.

In her post she revealed that a Mechanic repaired her and ran away with her goat before lamenting that she will never forgive him.

Who took your varginity mention there names and run run mbwa mweee wabula me I can’t even mention Omusajja yali makanika era bamakanika silibasonyiwa

Don Zella posted

As we speak, Zella is a hustler who has survived through kwetega. The years she spent in Dubai, she won the heart of former US soldier, James Matthew Juntunen who died at the age of 58 on February 6 in Al rahba hospital, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates after long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Her kwetega helped her to relocate to the US where is a citizen.

Zella with the late husband, James Juntunen

Before landing herself James Matthew Juntunen, Zella first dated singer, Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye but the relationship flopped.

Big Eye claims he fathered Britton with Don Zella but she told the singer that the boy is not his.

However, In April, Zella invited Big Eye and to meet Britton and her other kids at KFC, Acacia Mall branch.

Don Zella with kids dining with Big Eye

Zella’s life is full of controversy but she is settling as her big source of income dried up after the death of James Matthew Juntunen.

Recently, she was involved in a verbal war with NUP fanatic, Sarahjoy Bakanansa after she made claims that she bought a house in the USA.

Zella and Sarah Joy Bakanansa

She warned Bakanansa to stay away from her as she is of no use to her.

In bid to prove that she still has dimes, she splashed $70600 on Infiniti XQ80 2022, belittling Bakanansa’s $60000 Mercedes Benz.

Zella showing off Infiniti XQ80 2022

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