Don Zella Buys Monster Car Worth $70k, Puts Sarah Joy In Her Place | PHOTOS

July 12, 2022
Don Zella buys Infiniti XQ80 2022

Don Zella buys Infiniti XQ80 2022

US-based Ugandan socialite, Sheila Nadege aka Don Zella has acquired Infiniti XQ80 2022 worth $70600 to cement her place on top as mama America.

Last month, Don Zella warned Bakanansa to stop mentioning her name before branding her Zakayo Skeleton.

Don Zella’s anger stemmed from the interview Bakanansa conducted with Farouk Sarkozy. Bakanansa bragged by showing off a Mercedes Benz and made claims that she lives a better life than Don Zella.

Sarah Joy Bakanansa

The war stretched to Peng Peng’s Facebook broadcast ‘Entandalo’ where Don Zella showed off documents claiming that she owns a house on Las Vegas.

Bakanansa exposed her by revealing that the documents she displayed are for the property in Michigan which the late Don Zella’s hubby, James Matthew Juntunen sold years ago.

Those who know Don Zella, she doesn’t like losing. Bakanansa confirmed that she bought her Mercedes Benz at $60000.

Yesterday, Don Zella went to car dealership and bought zero mileage, Infiniti XQ80 2022 worth $70600.

Check photos below:

Don Zella with Infiniti XQ80 2022

Bakanansa and Don Zella relocated to the US in 2016 and 17 respectively. They were so inseparable until egos kicked in. They started trading words and exposing each other’s dirt.

Bakanansa relocated to Boston Massachusetts and Don Zella settled in Los Angeles.

Since separation, the pair went on their businesses and ceased fire but they are now back to bickering.