Rastaman Nyege Nyeges White Chic As Buddies Look On | VIDEO

September 17, 2022
Revelers having fun at Nyege Nyege

Revelers having fun at Nyege Nyege

The party is is just starting at Itanda Falls in Jinja district where Nyeye Nyege Festival is happening.

Despite the Parliament’s efforts to have it cancelled, the festival went ahead as planned after the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja intervened.

As expected, revelers are having fun and partying non stop. The program is party, rest and party.

Revelers having fun at Nyege Nyege

The main activities are drinking, eating, dancing and shaking waists.

As usual, unruly revelers waste no time when it comes to shaking the tents. Yesterday a clip of Michael shaking the tent during day left revelers in awe.

Last night, another clip allegedly from Nyege Nyege of a Rastaman nyege nyeges white chick as his buddies sharpening their sticks proved that there is a lot of fun happening at Itanda Falls.


This shows Nyege Nyege is the most fun festival in Uganda and revelers are free to do whatever pleases them.